03 May, 2009

7 things

Here's a challenge thrown out to me by a friend. It was surprisingly difficult to come up with "7 things" for some of these categories. 7 things I'd like to do before I die 1. See all my boys walking the paths of their Lord Jesus Christ. 2. Visit friends overseas (eg. UK, US, NZ, SA) 3. Write a book. 4. Live in the mountains 5. Read lots more books. 6. Learn how to quilt 7. Be a magazine editor 7 things I can't do well 1. Draw 2. Keep my mouth shut. 3. Swim 4. Clean house systematically and regularly 5. Tolerate superficiality 6. Pack up a house to move 7. Sit quietly with nothing to do 7 favourite movies 1. The Castle 2. Far and Away 3. Dead Poets Society 4. Shine 5. Mr Holland's Opus 6. The Dish 7. Pride and Prejudice 7 things I say often: 1. Hang on... 2. STOP (to kids) 3. How's it going/doing? (depending on the nationality of my listener) 4. Sure 5. Not now 6. It's time to go/get in the car 7. We're so busy 7 favourite books/authors 1. The Bible (Almighty God) 2. Colleen McCulllough - especially her Masters of Rome series 3. Philip Yancey - especially "Prayer" 4. The Billabong series by Mary Grant Bruce 5. Max Lucado 6. Isabel Kuhn, especially "Second Mile People" 7. Chuck Swindoll 7 things/places I want to see: 1. UK 2. Wild places in the US, especially mountains 3. Kakadu 4. New Zealand 5. Some places from ancient history, like Rome and Greece 6. Lots of national parks 7. Uluru I tag: Helen and Judith

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