02 May, 2009

Back from Ladies Retreat

True times of fellowship with other women where you can share deep concerns are relatively rare. I value them. I've just spent a day and a half with nine colleagues. We were headed into that place where it is okay to be a frail, hurting person. Plus we were reminded to keep our eyes on Jesus, that he is waiting for us to talk to him. Also that to indulge in worry is disobedience and unproductive and rather we should turn our worries into prayers. I was able to share a deep pain in my life and be prayed for. Beautiful. Refreshing. But not perfect. I have a headache now. I also think I regret saying to one lady, "It is a mistake to force a child to learn an instrument". I haven't changed my mind about the statement, but perhaps it was better left unsaid. Not wishing to end this post on a bad note, however, I am so thankful for my time away. My husband doesn't appear to have had a bad time with the boys, either. Yay!

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-J said...

so glad you had the gift of this time!