06 February, 2013

I feel like I've been bad

One thing I hate about parenting is how little control you end up having. My main gripe at present is regards to school. 

When I was at school I could control (for the most part) if I got in trouble, whether or not I got sent to the principal. And as a conscientious student, I rarely pushed things so far that I was the attention of the principal (not that I was a perfect student by any means, but I had this fear of crossing authority figures that helped a lot). 

As a parent I have little control over whether I get called into meeting with the classroom teacher or principal. It doesn't matter if I've been "good" or not. Although my tendency is to feel that when I am called in, that my parenting skills are being called into question and that I have indeed been a "bad" parent. That is my visceral reaction when I get one of "those" emails or phone calls. Grrr. Why can't my kids just toe the line?

Feeling as I am, I'm not looking forward to the meeting we have later this week. I'm scared that I'm going to embarrass myself by bursting into tears or running out of the room. It doesn't help that the teachers involved are also our friends. Thankfully my teacher-husband will be by my side. 

I just need to keep reminding myself that I am not a bad parent, over and over again.

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Sarah said...

Yep, I've only just become a parent and my life already feels wildly out of control. You are not a bad parent, Wendy. I'm telling myself that every day, too.