24 February, 2013

Recovery, before what?

I described last week as a doozy. I didn't mention it was a doozy for the whole family.

Samples from the six batches of biscuits (US=cookies)
 that our middle schooler made for his Science Expo experiment.
He compared the effect of different types of flour on the
size, appearance, and taste of the biscuits.
While I was away the middle school science department held their science expo/fair. My husband, as the school science head, helped out quite a bit. It meant that all the guys were at school until after 8 on Thursday night.

My eldest also wore a tie for the first time. I've only got photo evidence though—it was a pity to miss it. He did have a popular stand as he was giving away the biscuits that he made. This particularly impressed the elementary kids who came through with their teachers on Friday morning.

Needless to say, in order to recover, we've had a pretty low key weekend.

The next week is also a big week, though not quite as massive as last week. Monday night and Tuesday afternoon I'm going to some annual JEMA meetings. JEMA (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association) is the organisation that publishes the magazine I edit. It's easy for me to hide away behind the computer in my dining room and do my job, but it's time to get out and meet a few more missionaries, particularly men!

Tuesday evening our new OMF National Director is coming to dinner with his Scottish brogue.

On Thursday I'm accompanying some of the Eighth graders on an interesting outing called the Tokyo Tour. I'll tell you more about it after I've been!

On Friday our 13 y.o. will take off for a long weekend youth group camp (they call it a retreat...).

Friday is a student-free day, but our other two boys will be looked after for some of the day as part of teacher's kid's childcare.

Phew! Next weekend will be a recovery weekend (for four of us) too. But really, there's not much that isn't busy about the next five weeks. It is the season in the year where there a very few nights where we're all at home, and everyone gets to pack a bag and be away for at least a couple of nights.

So, there's nothing to do but take a deep breath and dive in.

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