26 February, 2013

Another controversial video

Yesterday I posted a somewhat controverisal video about Americans. Today I give you a wider view of the person who made that video.

I'm really flipping the camera back onto Japan and the ignorance* that is here. He is coping a lot of flack (yes, death threats too) for a video he posted about racism in Japan and how little his Japanese high schoolers know about it. Check out the Washington Post article for more details about it.

He says:
 “If I should have anticipated something, I should have anticipated the netouyu,” he told me [the author of the Washington Post article], referring to the informal army of young, hyper-nationalist Japanese Web users who tend to descend on any article — or person — they perceive as critical of Japan.

Here is the controversial video:

* Ignorance noun
the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

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