19 February, 2013

What my dad didn't teach me

Before he let me drive on my own after I had my licence at 17, my dad made sure I could change a car tyre on my own.

But he didn't teach me how to put on snow chains. I never learnt in the four years I spent in the snowy north of Japan, because in autumn all tyres are changed to "winter" or "studless" tyres, no chains are used. It is only down here, where we only occasionally need them, that this skill is necessary.

This afternoon I knelt in our grubby carport and leant how to put snow chains on our car. I soon didn't notice the snow falling gently on the road or how cold my ears felt. It took us some time to figure out how to do this and quite a bit of muscle to link the pieces into place. I distinctly remember my husband telling me the petite Japanese saleswoman who sold him these chains had said, "These are easy, I use them myself." Hmmm. I beg to disagree. I wish I had a photo or a video to show you, but it didn't cross my mind as I sniffled my way through learning this new skill.

Tomorrow I'm headed north where there is guaranteed to be snow on the roads, especially once we get off the expressway. My highest hope is that we can stop at a petrol station (US=gas station) to get someone to put the chains on at the appropriate time. Otherwise it will be up to me.

Pray with me that it will all go well, whatever we end up having to do.

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