16 February, 2013

Some help with my rubbish please

We have this unopened bottle of Tabasco Sauce waiting for disposal. We received it a couple of years ago from departing teachers cleaning out their apartment. It is now more than two years past its use-by date.

My problem is that I'm not sure how to dispose of it.

Do I toss the whole thing into our "burn able" bin? Or do I empty it out into the sink/toilet/backyard, wash the bottle and put it into our "glass" rubbish and the lid into the "unburnable" bin or should it go into the "plastic" bin?

How about you? How would you dispose of it where you are?


KarenKTeachCamb said...

I'd cheat. I'd put it in the bin for my house helper to empty. Most likely it would go in the bag of rubbish that gets dumped on the curb outside our house, and then gets picked over by various recyclers.

For you, I'd suggest empty down the sink with plenty of water, wash thoroughly and put the bottle with the glass for recycling and the lid with the recyclable plastics. :)

Hope you work it out.

Georgia said...

I agree with Karen.