04 February, 2013

Answer for photo question #27

The photo question I posed on Saturday is related to an earlier photo question—#8.

One person got close‚ it is related to the sink. It is, actually, a sink-hole cover. Not a plug! I remember wondering where the sink plug was in our first apartment in Japan. Simple answer—Japanese don't use sink plugs in the kitchen. They use running water to wash their dishes. 

The yellow item in question (it is black in our sink) merely covers the large drain hole in the kitchen sink. It hides the basket that collects the larger bits that end up going down the hole, but aren't great for the waste system. Periodically the bag in this smelly basket needs replacing. One of my less favourite jobs!


Janet Camilleri said...

Yay! I was nearly right!

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Interesting! Cambodia it's running water wash up as well. It was a challenge for this Toowoomba-ite when she first got here, having come from years of tough water restrictions and still being in drought when I first arrived. The basket thing looks interesting, and I don't envy you changing that bag! Yuck!!!

Ken Rolph said...

Washing in running water!!!!!!

Do they think water falls from the sky?