01 February, 2013

Excited about an answer to prayer

I really need to get down and do some editing before my time runs out and the weekend is upon me again. Yesterday was the deadline for article submission for our next issue and there have been a lot of emails flying around (I've written about 130 of my own since Monday).

But I can't neglect to shout out about an unexpected answer to prayer that I've just received. I wrote this in our prayer letter that I sent out only yesterday:
Pray...For the Writer's Workshop that Wendy is running this month (Feb. 21-22): for safety (she'll be driving five hours each way, a small portion of that in the snow), for good interaction between attendees, and that the workshop will run smoothly.
Would you believe, this morning, I have someone who'll share the driving with me! Unbelievable. Except that I believe in a God who does things way and beyond what we expect!

Organising this workshop has been an experience of stepping out in faith and praying that things will come together. Things have indeed been "coming together", sometimes in the most unexpected way (like a babysitter for my production editor's toddler for three days, so she can join us too). I'm looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. What else is God going to do with our prayers?


-J said...

I love hearing these types of answers to prayer! Thanks for sharing it.

Sarah said...

Yay! Praise God.