31 January, 2013

Where do you work?

Today has been an "at home" day. I've worked on a variety of computer-based tasks including magazine editing. Often people ask me if I go into an office as part of my editing job. The answer basically is no. The vast majority of the work is done in my dining-room office! Computers and the Internet are remarkable inventions.

This is the ground floor of our house. Unfortunately around the shortest day of the year the sun doesn't get above the houses that are only a few metres behind us. I'm thankful that, even though we're still in the midst of winter, the sun is now rising high enough in the sky to reach into my office.

To give a little perspective here's our dining room table.
The cloth-covered piece of furniture next to the computer
is ourelectric piano.
When I sit at the computer, this is what I can see to my left. This is
my kitchen which faces out onto the road out the front of our house.
This is the largest single area in our whole house. I love the
open feel and high ceilings. I never take high ceilings for granted in Japan,
after our first apartment, in which I could touch the ceiling
if I stretched (and I'm only 5'2"). That was hard to take.

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