04 January, 2013

Looking forward to 2013

A few days late, but still relevant. Here's not so much my new year resolutions. I've never really been into that, I feel, "if you want to do something new in your life, just do it--don't wait till January".

But this is what I'm thinking will be coming up in 2013, or what I hope/plan to do.

  • I pass a significant age milestone this year, yeah 21 again!
  • OMF Japan National Conference in Hokkaido.
  • We're planning a camping trip to the island of Hokkaido in June/July (after conference). This is a big project, and something we're really looking forward to. Hokkaido in summer is more like home than any other part of Japan that we know.
  • Organising two writing workshops this year: in Sendai and Tokyo.
  • A missionary women's retreat in March.
  • My eldest starts high school (Grade 9 in the American system).

But actually I can't think of too much more that's different to 2012. A boring year? Not likely! But perhaps not extraordinarily different. Our family is settled and my work is fairly settled too — mostly it is in a refining the processes stage.

Writing? I don't know what will happen with my writing this year and I'm not too keen to set goals that perhaps are unattainable, considering how busy I found the last 12 months with editing the magazine. I'll try to write as I find time and as opportunities arise. But I do already have my first published article for the year coming out on the 17th of this month (more about that later).

So, I guess I wait and find out what surprises await me in 2013.

The really scary thing happens next year. 2014 marks the end of our third four-year term in Japan! And is the year we go on home assignment for 12 months. This is huge, and only 18 months away!

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Ken Rolph said...

Yes, significant isn't it. 21 again ... and again. It's all downhill from there.