28 January, 2013


I've having the hardest time concentrating on things today. With a little bit of thought, it is pretty obvious why:

  • My home state is flooding again (this happened two years ago, and I remember feeling the same way back then). Thankfully all my family is fine.
  • I'm still recovering from a busy and emotional Saturday (can't get that wrestling out of my head).
  • Last Friday we put the latest magazine issue "to bed" (sent it to the printer). I'm so excited about how it looks! Changing gears to start working in the nitty gritty details of the next issue is hard, even though that is one of the several things waiting for me to do.
  • I have an Occupational Therapy assessment to do this week. I don't do these very often, so every time I do, it takes more emotional energy than I'd like. I just can't get into a rhythm with them.
Add all of these together and I'm feeling pretty discombobulated (love that word, it sounds much better than, "unable to think clearly" or "thrown into confusion").

So please excuse me if I sign my emails "Donald" (as I did earlier today). I'm trying hard to not make any more devastating mistakes. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have composed myself a little more.


Karen said...

The flooding won't be anywhere near as bad as last time around, Wendy. This time it has been really windy though (there have been a few gusts of almost 90km/hr here yesterday and today!), especially here on the coast. I have been nervous about our windows and the trees outside for the past two days, but so far everything is still holding up and the wind gusts aren't coming quite as often anymore.

All the best with your OT assessment, I start work this week too so I am feeling a bit confused here as well :)

Ken Rolph said...

We even copped some rain and wind in Sydney, as the tail end of those northern storms. Our water tanks are full again. We went from a hard dry cracked back lawn to spongy slush in a day. Now we won't have to worry about bushfires for a few weeks.