05 January, 2013

Some eye-opening links about Japan

There have been some good links about Japan out in the cyberworld recently. Below are some interesting  places to go and look at.

Some photos of how Japanese people saw in the New Year.

The scary admission that Japanese police rely heavily on confessions, not evidence. Hence there are probably more innocent people behind bars in Japan than in some other countries.

Captions of these photos tell more of the true story of Japan than the photos. People sleeping in internet cafes, laundromats and train platforms, family members who've lost loved ones from suicide due to over-work etc. These aren't images that the world generally associates with the formerly booming Japan.

And here is a longer one about the problems Japan is facing with its growing aged population and shrinking working population.

But now I must get on my bike and do some more grocery shopping for my hungry household of boys.

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