21 February, 2013

Short update from the mid-north

Blogging here from the midst of the Tohoku Writer's Workshop.

Yesterday we made it up to Sendai without needing chains, but not without seeing snow. There were plenty of snow flurries, but none heavy enough to stick to the road. So thankful.

A couple coming from the other direction didn't have such an easy time. They encountered a blizzard, but made it through okay and joined us for the night at our Seminary accommodation. I was late to bed and didn't sleep really well, pretty typical for my first night away.

Then today I've had only about an hour free. We've had lots of great interaction about writing.  An enjoyable little group, but a little hard to keep to time. I hate being the timekeeper and I haven't done a great job of it today.

Anyway, at 10.25pm I'm feeling pretty weary. It's time to call it quits for the night. I hope the wind dies down a little, though, the sound of it whistling past the building today has made me feel chilled, even though I'm warm enough inside.

Tomorrow is more free writing time and therefore my time is more free. I do have to provide breakfast and lunch, but they will be simple. Mid-afternoon we'll head home again, hopefully making it there by 9 or 10.

I'm so happy my boys are older and able to interact over the phone while I'm away, though. Two of them even asked how things were going for me up here. I love it.

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