07 February, 2013

Writing: Recycling and new

Today I sent off two articles I've written previously for our small denominational magazine to the OMF International's magazine publisher. They're looking for articles for their upcoming magazine on communication. I sent them this one about how churches can support their missionaries and one about encouraging missionaries with questions that arose from several blog posts, including small talk with missionaries and how do I respond to these attempts at small talk.

I'm encouraged that things I've written in the past can be reused again. It saves me a lot of time!

But at the same time I have an email reminding me that it is time to submit another article to our small denominational magazine in Australia. I have no idea what to write. Anyone got some ideas they want to shoot my way? What would you like to read about (from the perspective of a church member of a denomination that supports us)?


Judie said...

Do you find differences seem smaller or greater when you are thrust together in a foreign country?
What causes tension most often (I know there is some): people from different denominations? different countries? different backgrounds / 'social' strata (I think I'm thinking of a feeling of deprivation if people come from wealthy families)?
(You may have mentioned these before on your blog.)
And 3
Do you wonder whether you should write about problems / challenges? Does it seem (or do you feel) like you're providing balance or like you're complaining?

KarenKTeachCamb said...

How about sharing how one of your kids has grown through his participation in an unlikely sport (i.e. C in wrestling). From your recent blog posts it has become a family affair, but I think supporters need to hear about some of these "different" personal experiences. TCKs often pay a price that those at home don't understand, but they also have experiences they may not have at home too! I mean, what's the chance of C discovering his love for wrestling in an Aussie school?

Wendy said...

Thanks, good suggestions.

Judie, some of those questions I addressed in this series of posts last year, you might want to have a look at them: http://mmuser.blogspot.jp/2012/03/1-what-is-your-understanding-of.html

You're quite right about getting a balance. Too much of either complaining or "life's amazing" isn't good.