22 February, 2013

Answer to Photo Question #28

I asked you a couple of days ago if you could guess where I'd acquired this plastic basket? No one came close. 
I found this as I walked home from CAJ one day. It was sitting on top of some other new-looking items in a rubbish pile! It is a little hard to see here, but there is a paper sticker in the basket. This convinces me that almost certainly this as never been used.

Missionaries who've been here longer than us talk about the "old days" when large rubbish was frequently put out on the road for collection. Many a missionary home has been supplemented by other people's "rubbish" collected off the streets. It happens rarely these days in the city. Governments have become strict about large rubbish, that's another blog post, but basically people don't usually leave large pieces of rubbish out anymore. It was quite a surprise to find this.

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