25 May, 2010

Special friend

I want to celebrate a special friendship here. Melina I have known since I was six weeks old, when she was born. Our parents were friends before they were married and our mums pregnant together. We're very different - in talents, looks and interests. We've never gone to the same school or the same church (except as babies). We've really not spent much time together. Yet, we have a special friendship. One that allows us to just take up where we left off, whenever we get together.

I cannot mention here the specific difficulties that she has encountered in recent years, but the Lord has drawn us even closer in the last five years, even while we've been thousands of miles apart. I've prayed for her (and cried too) many times and sought to encourage her in very dark times. Somehow the Holy Spirit has guided me and often I've sent words of encouragement at the perfect time. Praise God!

Now she is in full-time ministry too. She's a primary school chaplain in Brisbane.

What a wonderful blessing long-term friendships are. Even more so for us when you consider how hard it is to keep friends when you are in another country.

So, even though I'm sad that we'll soon be thousands of miles apart again soon, I know that this is a "forever friendship" and gain much comfort from the fact.

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Melly said...

Thank you beautiful friend,you have been Gods messenger so often when I've needed encouragment to continue on...I love the fact that we are opposites and sisters in Jesus you are a blessing to me in so many ways,I love you heaps!

PS Looking at that photo I realise how badly I need to do my re-growth! (he he )