21 May, 2010

MK grandparents

Being a grandparent of missionary kids (MKs) is not an easy role. Home assignment can be a great time to catch up, but all the time we're aware of the years that they've missed and will never be made up.

Yesterday my parents drove 100km to visit and stay overnight. They came because we've managed to combine an early birthday party (for our nearly 11 y.o.) with grandparents' day at school.

Last night after the kids were in bed we talked about logistics of getting packed up and back out of the country (we store our stuff at their place). It was all calm and calculated - but under it all you know that they're about to lose our family again. God has given them (and us) much grace to cope.

Thankfully they now have other grandchildren as well. One of the most painful experiences of my life was to leave for Japan the first time in 2000, and say goodbye for four years - taking their only grandchild away. For a long time I would burst into tears at the memory of that awful day. In many ways we've learned to live an ocean apart, so it is no longer so painful. But that day of parting at the airport is never pleasant.

Back to nicer things. Here is the birthday party:

And the cake. I'm pretty happy with how the cake turned out. Very simple decorating. Lower in fat, but tastes good. Looks realistic too!

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