26 May, 2010

I'm a multilingual writer (not)

There is something addictive seeing your writing in print or on someone else's website. See this. And did you realise I can write in Spanish? See here my devotional was translated into Spanish. Here it is in French! This devotion was translated into 39 languages and maybe up to 3 million people read or heard it today. That is amazing! I'm glad that I only had to write it in English and they did the rest.

I've had an email from a colleague who is a Japanese pastor's wife in Japan. She was excited to find my devotion in Japanese. Her early morning prayer meeting uses The Upper Room devotionals and this morning she was going to tell her ladies she knows the writer of today's devotion! It is exciting that my lack of ability to write in Japanese has been totally negated!

I'm praying it was a blessing to all those who read it, and that God will continue to use my words to encourage and challenge others.


Footprints Australia said...

Amazing what technology can do ... makes me think that language will not be a barrier for much longer. Oh and congratulations on your devotion being printed worldwide!!! That's exciting!!!

Wendy said...

Actually I think that The Upper Room translates their devotions carefully using people, not technology. But it is exciting!
Thank you for your congratulations.