18 May, 2010

A different afternoon to yesterday

Something happened at school today, I'm sure of it. I've had quite different kids come home this afternoon. They look the same, though, so I'm not really sure. Their behaviour has been much better than the last few days. For example I heard my nearly 11 y.o. say to his brother, "Not now, I have to do my homework." Later I easily persuaded him to make dinner (with me as a consultant)!

My 7 y.o. did his whole week's homework in one go! Didn't do much violin, but I was reluctant to break the spell of niceness to insist on more.

I did something else that I'm betting not many Australian families do. I made onigiri or rice balls for our 7 y.o. to take for Show and Tell tomorrow. They have to talk about their favourite food. "Rice" was what he chose. Rice balls were the obvious choice to make as a sampler for his class. Even more interesting is that the operation of making them was like a honey to bees - I had all three boys 'buzzing' around me. They all wanted the left-over rice for their own lunches tomorrow. I wonder if any of their friends will be surprised? These kids may look Australian (they don't entirely sound Australian) but there is a good piece of Japan inside them.


Cat said...

Maybe they read your blog?

Wendy said...

Maybe they do??? Guys...