15 May, 2010

My body and stress

I guess I'm lucky. I have a body that tells me when it's stressed - usually, though, when it is too late. Over the years I've suffered headaches, urinary tract infections, stomach migraines (yes, that's what a doctor called them), thrush and mild (head) migraines. That list is fairly chronological. Yes, my stress symptoms have changed over the years. At least I haven't had the chance to get bored!

I say I'm "lucky" because I'm a fairly hyperactive person and if my body doesn't reel me in, then I can seriously overdo things. Truly, I can be stressed and not really know it, I guess we all can. This last week  came down with a migraine. It was only mild - it hasn't stopped me from doing too much, but it has made me lie down a few times. But by the end of the week it was getting pretty tiresome.

So, while I would have said at the beginning of the week that I was coping fairly well with the stress of our upcoming departure, perhaps I should revise that in the light of what my body's telling me. Now I also have a doctor who's told me to look after myself better! He also gave me some nice medication to get on top of this migraine. Nice doctor!

In the light of that I don't feel too guilty going to have another lie down (but that is soooo boring - you can see I need help).

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KKCambLogos said...

You're not alone there Wendy. I don't get migraines, but my body does other things that tell me I'm stressed, and their not always easy to handle. It was amazing the way my body reacted to the news that I have a job in Cambodia for next year. Things that had been bothering me ever since I heard the news basically settled down overnight. Our bodies are "fearfully and wonderfully made", even to making us slow down when we otherwise wouldn't.
Hope yours gives you some peace soon.