07 May, 2010

Replacement Glasses Surprise

As you can see, my "new" glasses (less than 9 months old) are flaking. The paint is flaking off, not just near my ears, but at the hinge and a little bit on top of the lens too. I wasn't impressed when I discovered this. I'm not really into changing frames every 12 months, as you can imagine! Anyway, yesterday I had to take our 7 y.o. for an eye check and so I asked them about it. I was surprised when they said they'd totally replace my glasses at no charge! There is, of course, nothing stopping it happening again - although the hint they gave was to clean the frames every night before bed (her premise was that acid from the skin can cause this). I have to admit that I don't understand why frames (that are pretty expensive) which are designed to be worn next to the skin would be susceptible to deteriorate so fast? Or maybe I have extra scary skin?


Mrs Q said...

I'm glad they decided to replace them as they are so incredibly expensive - they should last! Says me who just paid $760 for two pair of glasses for two sons who need them.

KKCambLogos said...

I'll stick to my Cambodian glasses. Two pair for less than $50 total. The nose pieces fell off one pair within a month or two, but they were very happy to fix that for me at no charge, and I haven't had a problem since. That is apart from the scratch on the non-reflective coating (but that's not their fault), which I won't get again (the coating that is).