13 May, 2010

Going is easier than coming

"Going back to Japan is easier than coming to Australia." Not emotionally, but physically. We haven't put our roots down too much here. Our main work and life is in Japan. But here is a trivial example:

We don't buy much for our life here in Australia. We have a 'get by' mentality. For example, if I were planning to remain here, I'd probably buy a sewing machine. However I've managed, up till now, with only the little home-made sewing kit on the left. It does for minor repairs. Anything major I've taken up to my parent's house and used Mum's sewing machine. This week, trying to solve this problem, I borrowed a friend's sewing machine. In the process realised I didn't have decent scissors or pins or measuring tape. When I went to buy pins, I figured it was just as good to pay a little bit extra and get a whole travelling sewing kit with all the good bits plus more.

I do own all these things, but they're in Japan. In fact in Japan we have a whole household of goods just waiting for us. In Australia we only have half a household and a whole lot of childhood and early adult-hood memorabilia. For the rest we borrow or get by. So in some ways we are more settled in Japan than we are in Australia. That helps us get back to Japan. I think that if we didn't have a 'get by' mentality it would be even harder to leave that it already is.

But now I have a very adequate travel sewing kit that I can take anywhere!


Tim and Susan said...

I think that was part of the very reason it was harder for us to come back to Japan this time...since we were there almost 2 years we had to get out of that survival mode and go more into live mode, thus more stuff to pack up in the house and harder emotionally to leave.

Wendy said...

Yes, I've said that myself - if we don't leave now (after 12 months of being here) it will be much more difficult to leave.