13 May, 2010

Not sticking out.

We visited our 7 y.o.'s classroom today. His class have been talking about different jobs that people did. We were parent volunteers talking about what we did. I'm glad I had my husband as a prop-up. I don't really like talking to groups of kids, it is hard to get your level of language right. And it is not as if my job is a very easy one to explain - it has too many bits!

In the course of the exercise, I realised that our son strongly values fitting in with the crowd or "not sticking out". Frequently he gives as the reason as to why he does something or why he doesn't do something at school as, "That'd be too embarrassing."

On reflection we think this is probably one thing that he learned at the Japanese kindergarten he attended for three years (see the photo). It is a strong value in Japan and it all begins at kindergarten!

Being the middle child probably helps too - he's become good at "flying under the radar". Missionary kids learn to do this too - trying to fit in wherever they are, it just makes life easier.

I do wish our eldest had picked up a little of this same value...

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