18 June, 2009

Saying goodbye to home

This is new. Typing a blog entry in the car! We've travelling back to Tokyo since 1pm. It is now 6.45. We've just had dinner and are only minutes away from stopping by our 'old' house to pick up some food, a couple of suitcases and to enable the boys to officially "say goodbye" to the house. We will not be sleeping there again, still we call it 'home'. On Monday when we got to conference the boys wanted to know when we'd be going back 'home'. I had to admit we weren't going to be sleeping there anymore. That was a difficult concept for them to absorb and accept. They've thought about it during the week and are happier about it now, but we'll see how this goes. Enabling them to move on. That is our purpose. Saying goodbye is important. Tomorrow, they are looked after elsewhere while we pack the remaining 5% as fast as we can. Hopefully we'll have nearly nothing left to do on Saturday. That is our goal.

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Tim and Susan said...

We always made a big deal of saying "goodbye" to places dear to our kid's hearts too.