05 June, 2009


We confused our boys this morning.

You see, today is CAJ's American-style year 12 graduation. At breakfast we managed to dredge up the memories (or non-memories) of our own Australian-style high school graduations.

My husband didn't even get to parade across a stage and receive his certificate, let alone receive his dux award (the highest acaedemic award of a school, for my international readers) in front of an audience. It was announced when the Tertiary Entrance scores came out a few weeks later.

Both schools had Speech nights, but David's was very low key (non-elitist). Mine was big; lots of awards and speeches, but weeks and weeks before graduation, so not a real comparison.

 The biggest thing for both of us was the formal, getting dressed up (partners - grimmace), dinner and dancing (more grimmace). The boys were impressed with our after-party stories - that I stayed up all night watching videos and eating. In comparison their dad went home to bed!

The difference between our own experiences and CAJ's graduation is vast. Or so I believe. I've only seen photos of CAJ's graduation (like the one here from a previous year) and they look grander than even my university graduation! But tonight I'm going to end the trail of speculation and witness one for myself. Usually it is impossible for me to go because anyone who is even remotely connected with CAJ seems to go (and that includes the total field of my after-hours babysitters).

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