20 June, 2009

Having fun yet?

"Are you having fun yet?" No, actually, we're not really having fun this morning. Yesterday my husband and I worked hard all day trying to finish up at our 'old' house and then late into the evening trying to finalise our luggage for Australia. While we had some help with childcare, in between these 'less-than-fun' tasks, we had a challenge of looking after three boys who are struggling with their own emotions. From despair to practical hysterical hyperactivity, it was a roller-coaster with an unpleasant aftertaste.

Today isn't much better. We're leaving again. This time from our temporary abode to another one on the other side of Tokyo. The guest house that belongs to our mission. First sighting of our my eldest boy told me he was not coping with yet another transition. Melancholic and irritable. To add to that we discovered as we packed the second-hand game boy, which we were given on Sunday, is missing one of the games. It happened during our absence yesterday morning, when anarchy basically reigned. A high schooler was looking after our boys, but she didn't exercise much authority and they didn't show much respect. Now the boys cannot find the missing game and it looks like we'll have to leave without it. Best of all, our eldest seems to be blaming us. Not logical, but works for him, apparently.

Before we can go to our next place, we need to finish up totally at our 'old' house because the removalists are coming early on Monday and we're not working here tomorrow. This means that I need to take the boys to the park for a few hours while David works at the house, because it really isn't inhabitable by children.

Ah, good news, the cartridge was found! AND by the boys. Yay. I can only hope they might have learnt a lesson? Luckily I'm an optimist!


Hippomanic Jen said...

I hope and pray that all goes well for the transitions.

Wendy said...

Thanks Jen! Usually I predict the worst, ask lots of people to pray and it all goes better than expected. Probably I should do all this without the first step? Anyway, I definitely believe we wouldn't make it well through experiences like this without many prayers.

Catherine said...

Thinking of you guys and praying for you... not an easy time by the sounds!