14 June, 2009

Almost out

Okay, we're still packing...are you sick of that word yet? We are! Our 10 y.o. is particularly sick of it, he was quite thrown by not being able to lay his hands on anything this morning. Unfortunately we'll be living out of suitcases for nearly a month now. Hopefully we'll get into the rhythm. We went out today, to church and then to a large park with Japanese friends for lunch. It was a lovely time, and I even forgot for a little while about the awful state of our house. When I walked back in the door, the naked look of the place hit me. It echoes and looks bare, already. This photo of our fridge is indicative of the rest of the house. Stuff that was there and that we were used to being there, is there no longer! Tonight is our last night living here. Tomorrow we pull up stakes and head to Sendai (about 5 hr drive) for our missions' annual conference. Thursday afternoon we'll be back, but sleeping at a different address. Friday and Saturday we'll be finishing up everything here in preparation for the removalists coming next Monday (22nd). From Saturday night we'll be at our mission's guest home on the other side of Tokyo (1.5 hrs away). We fly on the 25th. You can see why our eyes grew wide and unfocussed every time someone asked us recently, "So, when do you leave?" Leave where? If you are a praying person, could I include a couple of imminent prayer needs here?
  • We are trying to find childcare options for the boys on Friday. Lots of people are busy with various things and the one person who is not, is a high school student (who is great with our boys) but whose house we cannot use. The forecast is for 30% chance of rain.
  • A car situation. We have been offered a van in Australia. The complicating factors are: it is in Brisbane and we will land in Cairns, needing a car from the start. One option for getting ourselves to Brisbane (about 2000km away) via family is to rent a car, but it is very expensive. The owner of the van has offered to send it up to Cairns on the train (cheaper than renting), but the train berths are very limited in number. Please pray we'll get the van in time.
Now I'd better go and do what needs to be done...


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm finding this all very exciting. The fact that I am far away from the excitement and the duties and responsibilites it involves probably contributes to the joy I feel...:P...but seriously, I'm praying and we're all looking forward to seeing you again.

Tim and Susan said...

So glad you can see that God is going before you and providing for you!!!