23 June, 2009

Finding a house by remote

Have you ever let someone else find a house for you to live in? We've a wonderful bunch of friends in Brisbane who have joined together to help us by being a home support team. Their brief is both practical and spiritual. At present they are embroiled in finding furniture, groceries and a HOUSE for us when we arrive. We don't want to spend the first weeks back looking for a place while we hole up in more temporary accommodation. Minimise the transition pain - is our motto. Also the boys will (hopefully) be starting school only seven days after we arrive. By then we'd like to be settling into the abode we'll be living in for the next 12 months. So...we have to trust someone else to do this for us. Earlier in the year we were offered several unsuitable places to live. Nothing worked, so now we are going for private rental, which we've budgeted for, so it is okay. In our target area (near the school) there are lots of newish houses for rent. What we've seen seems suitable, so hopefully we might even get a choice. It is still not a fun process - looking for houses to rent. Even in remote. Each place has its pluses and minuses. What to compromise on, what to stand firm on - these things are not always clear! Pray for Catherine, who is looking. Pray for us, as we answer her queries as best we can from afar. She may need to talk to us on Friday, after we've lost a night's sleep on the aeroplane. Pray we'll make wise decisions and that God would provide just the right house for our needs.


-J said...

It *is* a leap of faith. Hoping you see God do more than you can ask or imagine!

Hippomanic Jen said...

May it be just plain perfect.