01 June, 2009

Bits n Pieces

I mentioned a soup tin yesterday. Well here it is - what you do with flowers you receive after you've packed the vases! Dirty green slime? What shouldn't you do if you throw green slime at your brother and it misses and hits the dirty floor that your mother hasn't cleaned in ages? DON'T WASH IT! If you do think it needs washing, then DON'T DRY IT - and certainly don't use a towel to do so! I got up on Saturday after a small sleep-in to find my husband scrubbing a greenish hand towel! A Lego cake - can you tell? Probably it is better with the lights off. I preferred looking at it from the next room with my glasses off! Not the most impressive of cakes...but it tasted good. Don't have a photo of the broken telescope. It was a present from a 10 y.o. who is an only child and doesn't have younger brothers or sisters who break things. The telescope didn't even make it past its first evening with us. I have to say, we don't know who broke it, it could even have been the birthday boy, who was seen running around with it pretending it was a sub machine gun. What cheap telescope is going to survive such treatment?


-J said...

I'm impressed with the Lego cake ~ and with your resourcefulness with the vase. Actually at this stage in the game, making it through each day is impressive! May you find His grace sufficient for this day... and the next one... and the next. :-)

Wendy said...

Thank you J for helping me with perspective. The boys are truly being awful, not all the time, but enough of the time. May God's grace be sufficient indeed.