06 June, 2009


CAJ's graduation was pretty formal, but not unbearably so. I had the joy of sitting between friends, and particularly beside a New Zealander (we shared a few raised eye brows).

Some stuff was weird, some of the terminology particularly for example: 

  •  valedictorian: dux for Aussies
  • salutatorian: runner-up dux
  • invocation: not sure what this was 
  • commencement exercises: graduation 
  • Alma Mater: school song 
  • diplomas: graduation certificates 
  • recessional: the graduates and teachers leaving the hall.

One disappointment was not being able to understand much of the Senior address, given by the young man who received the Public Speaking Award. We've concluded he probably mumbled a little, the mike was possibly a bit distant and possibly it wasn't his best-ever speech. Pity.

 Another disappointment was that many of the announcers of receipients of prizes seemed to swallow the names - they were hard to hear. But for the most part it was quite a satisfactory experience. Nice to have an opportunity to dress-up and act like a child-less adult for a change.

Overall the ceremony was like a combination between an Australian high school speech night and a university graduation. At least my experience of these two events. Certainly it dredged up memories of Speech Nights. For those who aren't Aussie, this amounts to lots of awards given, teachers dressing up in academic gowns (not the students) and speeches from various individuals. Thankfully we had no politicians last night!

Our boys watched a video during the ceremony, but were very pleased to be released from that and allowed to partake in the after-ceremony 'refreshments'. Cake, punch, fruit etc. And at 9.30 they were pretty hungry, again!

 From a different perspective, we had three OMF (our mission) kids graduating last night. They received so many awards, it was exciting to be there to see that! Their parents are colleagues, so in OMF circles we are considered pseudo aunties and uncles. A bit strange, but it works, especially in the absence of other extended family. We were a proud family last night. Had a 'family' photo taken too!

 One last impression of the evening is how much energy these kids have. The amount they've achieved in the last year or four is impressive. And, by comparison, how old I am! I once had that level of energy. Ran myself ragged in senior, I did. Maybe I'm more sensible (and boring) now?

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