20 June, 2009

My backpack

For us as a family, travelling and backpacks are synonymous. Now that we have no place to call our own, things that otherwise would be on a shelf 'at home' are in our backpacks. As I travelled across Tokyo today I thought, wouldn't it be fun to write a blog about the contents of my backpack. Don't worry, I won't include everything...
  • shower cap - snatched off its hook at the last minute before piling out the door to our new acoomodation
  • dried apricots - for snacking on in the car
  • alcohol hand cleanser
  • Sudoku electronic game - great for passing the time in the park while supervising your children while your husband finishes packing up the house
  • bandaids and tissues
  • a list of all the boxes packed over the last 6 months. Tremendously long list!
  • paper cars for boys to construct and play with later in the week when they're bored
  • two old magazines for reading at odd moments before throwing away (I recycle magazines, I read them twice before I toss them and then sometimes they also get used for cutting and pasting with the boys too).
  • insect repellant - for all that park sitting (it is summer here - my eldest was pondering ponderously out-loud the other day about how much better it would be if mozzies would be around in winter and not summer, when we have our legs and arms all covered up!)
  • a banana (at the bottom, of course)
  • travel chinese checkers
  • laregly blank 2008 diary for use for children who want to draw
  • laptop powercord
  • iPod, mobile phone and camera
At one point I also had an action figure in my bag. Good thing it is a pretty big bag. By the time we get to our 'new' home in under three weeks, my backpack will be like my second home. Certainly all will rely on it at one point or other. The one thing which is missing is my house key. The one I've carried in my bag for the last four years. Something is happening, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

:) Amazing what you can fit into a bag when you need to...

Wendy said...

Funny, I forgot to write that the computer I was typing on also came out of the bag!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a bag very organised for travelling, mothering, health and kids! And it sounds big!

Mrs Q said...

Just make sure the insect repellant is less than 100 ml or they won't let you on the plane with it.

Wendy said...

Oh, this is not the contents I will take on the aeroplane, that was tailor packed for yesterday's events, which included a park visit and 2.5 hrs in the car.