12 June, 2009

Drowning in clothes

I'm working up the courage to go back to my bedroom...not for time out! We're thrashing around in the deep end of the pool of the whole families entire wardrobe, and most of it is on our bed! We think we've got 78 kg packed so far, only 22 kg to go. After that leftovers go in boxes to be posted next week! The compounding factors are that we're going on a four day conference on Monday. To get there we have a five hour car drive. So, do we pack for that first? Or to we pack for Australia first? How do we make sure that we have the 'carry onto the plane' stuff separate from everything else, especially when some of it we could very well need in the car on Monday? When we get back we're not coming back to our house to sleep, rather a nearby place, to enable us to finish packing all those things you need everyday, like kitchen, bathroom and bedroom stuff. From past experience we'll be refining this packing thing right up until the night before. So basically we're just trying to stuff as much as we can into the suitcases, to find out approximately how much we can fit...too bad if we cannot find underwear tomorrow, at least our bags will be approximately packed! I cannot wait until all we have to worry about is whether my backpack is zipped up and whether I can lay my hands on all our passports at short notice. There is a simplicity about life at that moment between countries that is appealing at times like these. Oh, I need to mention that we are, at the same time, thinking over an important decision about buying a van in Australia. And, just to top off my day, I found out today that a devotion I wrote a year ago will be published next year in The Upper Room. My brain is feeling a little crowded out to celebrate, however. I suppose I'd better stop procrastinating my return to our bedroom now...byeeeee.

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