30 June, 2009

Fun in the sun and some great news!

Today we had a great family day. Boat trip out to Green Island, glass bottom boat tour and a swim in the ocean at the gorgeous beach there. We almost lost a backpack, but primarily due to my husband's mean 400m dash (hah!) it was retrieved before the boat left the island. On the way home we gathered our energy to visit yet another park along the esplanade which has beaut (I'm working on my Aussie vernacular) play equipment. This is truly a beautiful place. We wish we had more time (and money) to explore it in greater depth. The green-ness is particularly stunning, particularly for people who've spent most of the last four years in the concrete jungle of Tokyo. We all came home tired, but happily so. I didn't have a headache. Probably because I didn't try to take the boys into a shopping centre :-) We ate left overs tonight too, so I just needed to warm up dinner. (Fish and chips tomorrow night! Something we haven't had in a looong time.) When we arrived home, a note awaited us. We'd missed a Real Estate Agent's call by five minutes this morning! We tried to call back, but they were already closed (5.15pm). Wondering, wondering what this all meant...but just before we put the boys to bed, I logged on to send an email and found the email we'd been waiting for. "Application approved!" We have an address to aim for next Thursday (9th)! Yay!!! Praise God for His kind mercies. Now, we're looking for help to move furniture into the house. Various people are lending us things which are being moved in this Saturday as well as on Tuesday afternoon when my parents are bringing stuff they've stored in their house. Do let me know if you have some muscle !! to lend.


Barbara said...

So glad you found a place to live :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

So good to hear.

Tim and Susan said...

Trusting with you for God's grace to adjust and transition and glad you can settle soon!