04 June, 2009

"I don't mind girls"

To keep my youngest son busy while I was homeschooling, I've been having him do some craft and stumbled upon Alphabuddies. He really took to them and now all three boys are on holidays they've all adopted the task - to get all 26 Alphabuddies done. Each letter of the alphabet has become a 'person' with a name. I print out a line drawing which needs colouring in and cutting out, then all the bits pasted on. They only have six left to make. The boys can hardly keep their eyes off the wall in their bedroom that is adorned by all the Alphabuddies (helps to keep their eyes off all the other places where things are missing). Inevitably some of the Alphabuddies are boys and some are girls. Which can cause problems! Considering my middle son is practically allergic to all things girly (except his mum, who is not particularly girly and never wears pink). Last year I attended an open morning at kindy and he ended up the only boy in a girly group which had to decorate a poster for the upcoming festival. The girls overwhelmingly voted to decorate the poster in pink (they could only choose one colour per group). My son totally spat the dummy and refused to participate further in the rest of the craft activity - in front of all the mums from the class. The teacher was very embarrassed. Thankfully, therefore, that when the boys randomly chose letters this morning (before they knew which were girls and which were boys), it was my youngest which got the "Jenny J" and his comment was, "I don't mind girls." And I'm grateful!

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