29 July, 2016

Photos from our summer in Tokyo #1

Today I present some photos from our recent summer days in Tokyo. 

Convenience stores were a big part of our camping trip. But they're also a part of our lives in Tokyo. Yesterday we bought part of our lunch at one while we were on the city. I'm particularly impressed at the summer deal you can see on the flag in the middle of this photo: iced coffee at ¥130. 

We spent a bit over an hour yesterday at the office of Japan Evangelical Missionary packing these magazines for posting. Unfortunately it is the Spring issue. Thankfully the Summer issue is following hot on it's tail, if we can overcome a couple of obstacles. Until I took this job on I had no idea how many factors could delay a publication like this getting into people's hands. The list of potential hitches seems endless. 

After that we walked about locally catching Pokemon and peering in the dozens of instrumental shops, the majority of which were guitar shops. 

This is a fascinating area of Tokyo. There are a number of universities (including Meiji University, Juntendo University, and Tokyo Dental and Medical University) as well as a several hospitals. Then there are the music stores. A bit down the hill are a bunch of bookstores and sports stores (including a camping store). 

We went to a bookstore that stocks loads of amazing board and other games. We've been here a few times and it never fails to amaze. 

Back home again and summer also means a very active and hungry turtle. 

This afternoon the guys playing a new deck-building game (bought at the game shop).

And a challenging jigsaw for all to ponder. 

Summer fruit also abounds, but it is expensive. This watermelon is on the cheap side, but was still AU$6.50 per kilo. 

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