13 July, 2016

Camping tour 2016: Day eleven (Tuesday 12 July)

We had a lazy morning, content with a late breakfast, hanging around camp, and gently exploring the stream adjacent to our campsite. 

Then after lunch we drove to one of the most famous waterfalls in Japan: Nachi Falls. They are Japan's tallest single-drop waterfall, 133m, and are World Heritage listed. Unfortunately it is also an area with strong religious ties to Buddhism and Shinto.  

After that we drove out to the coast and did the quintessential Japanese onsen because the showers at our campsite were closed for the caretaker's regular day off. They were very nice indeed. 

Dinner was rice, pork, chicken, sweet potato, potato, carrot, all cooked over our fire. Yum!

Tomorrow we head to our last campsite of this trip in the vicinity of Nagoya. It'll be a longer drive than we've had so far, so I'd better stop here and get to sleep. 

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