06 July, 2016

Camping tour 2016: Day four (Tuesday 5 July)

Today was a rest day on Noto island. Much needed after yesterday's crazy day. It didn't rain, though very overcast the whole day. 

We had a lazy start then wandered over to the island's Glass Art Gallery. It's amazing what you can do with glass! Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos in most of the gallery. 

Here's the view from the gallery. 

We've seen a lot of bright green rice fields on our trip so far. These were growing just behind our campsite. 

These delicate flowers are growing around the campsite, almost like weeds. The flowers are positioned in s soiral around the stem. 

And there are plenty of these ugly things too. Too many legs for an insect...This one was about an inch long. 

The afternoon was very lazy and relaxed except that David had to make a trip back to the mainland to get some antidiarrhoeal medicine for one boy. Origins of problem unknown, but a lack of hand washing with soap could be a cause. Hopefully no one else gets it! We were going to go to a local hot springs for a bath tonight, but with diarrhoea in the family we decided against it. 

I read a bit and also took my new camera out to see what I could find. I'll have to post some of those photos later, though. It's much easier to post photos from my phone while mobile blogging. 

Dinner was Japanese curry rice with damper/cinnamon toast for dessert. I continued reading the fourth book of the Garth Nix series (Keys to the Kingdom) we've been reading together. It makes a nice end to the day. 

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