04 July, 2016

Camping tour 2016: Day three (Monday 4 July)

This travel day was plagued by rain. 

We packed up in rain, drove in rain, dashed in and out of a laundromat and grocery stores in the rain, set up camp and cooked dinner in the rain, and finally went to sleep to the sound of rain. 

This was David's attempt to keep the interior of the tent as dry as possible (the tent itself has only netting on the roof, the fly keeps the rain out, technically). The guys carried the tent with fly and tarp down the hill to the camp kitchen and folded it up there. 

We only drove a couple of hundred km but went through dozens of tunnels, often just emerging from one before heading into another. The rain was so heavy at times that we were glad for the undercover driving. 

We stopped in a medium sized town for lunch (convenience store), laundromat and groceries. Unfortunately the grocery store was harder to find than we thought and we ended up not getting to our camping spot until 4pm, despite getting up at 7am. However fading light, rain, and need for dinner sped us along and we were totally set up and finished eating a home-cooked dinner by 7!

We were surprised at by trams at our lunch stop. 

Driving onto the island where we camped. 

Seaside view! And we have it all to ourselves due to it being midweek and not school holidays here yet. 

Last night's dinner: Japanese stir fry pork and noodles (yakisoba). 

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