23 July, 2016

Thoughtful toilets

You've got to be sick of me posting about camping. I'm sure I've got at least a couple more in me yet!

But this isn't directly about camping, though all these photos were taken on our trip. 

First, when camping in Japan you need to be willing to use one of these. Though I guess most campsites had one pedestal, you weren't guaranteed. I actually prefer a squatty when camping: there are no surfaces to avoid touching. 
Most of these photos were taken at an expressway rest stop where they really labeled everything well. You know what's in here, don't you?

I've never seen such a discrete place for little boys to do their business in a women's toilet. Usually it's just a urinal out in the open. 

Got to love the decorations. I'm wishing there were places like this when my boys were little. 

This was in a shopping centre. A much more common setup, but you don't see this in women's loos in Australia, do you? 

But I've never seen a tiny pedestal like this!

Then there's the interesting English signs in toilets.

This I've never seen in Australia. I've often wished for it though. A fold-down shelf for changing on, which means you don't have to stand on the dirty floor. 

And here's the sign outside that cubicle. 

But alas out camping facilities weren't quite up to this standard!

This was the shower block at Lake Biwa, but the toilets were in a similar grotty tube. Not the nicest facilities we've seen. 

The scariest toilets we encountered had a tribe of large spiders resident: about 8-10 of them between the men's and women's, at least that we saw, none smaller than my palm including legs. I didn't take any photos, but did take the broom with me at night. 

This was our last campsite's toilets. The most barebones we've seen. No door on the urinal (however a hedge meant you couldn't really see in unless you were walking very close) and the basin on the outside of the building. But they were fairly clean and insect free and very close to our campsite.

I'm not unhappy to be back at home with clean, insect-free toilets, and one just across the landing from my bed. However the prospect of less than perfect toilets doesn't stop me from wanting to camp. The joys of getting out there far outway the inconvenience. 

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