14 July, 2016

Camping tour 2016: Day twelve (Wednesday 13 July)

Today was our longest drive yet. It took seven hours with a two-hour lunch stop that included a laundromat and grocery shop.
Driving out from the campsite to the ocean road we followed a gorgeous clear stream. There was few places to stop so these photos are a product of David somewhat wildly snapping shots as we drove along. 

Except for the last hour, it was a beautiful drive. We alternated between tunnels and misty mountains. Then it turned into big city as we approached Nagoya, one of the largest cities in Japan. 

I didn't sleep well the night before (hot + rainy + smelly in the zipped up tent because of the rain). So I bought a coffee at one of our stops. This machine gave too many choices!

Navigating became difficult as we zipped from expressway to expressway in Nagoya. Signs weren't always helpful. 

At one point we took an exit 200m too early and ended up under the expressway we were supposed to be on!

Once we negotiated that we soon popped over a mountain to the north of the city and found this little road to our campsite. Only 10 minutes from a major expressway! Definitely a one-laner most of the way. 

Each campsite is so varied in not just what they charge, but what their facilities are like. This time we are on very rocky ground that turns to mud in rain. We found that out quickly when a storm came over not long after we finished our setup. 

Another storm came in the night as well, we mostly stayed dry in the tent but we were glad of a sunny day where we could dry out bedding that got wet during the night. 

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