01 July, 2016

Summer holidays

David putting the tent, kitchen bench, and other stuff
on the roof of the car this evening. The rest will get
carefully "stuffed' in the car tomorrow morning.
7pm Friday We're almost packed and plan to leave tomorrow as soon after an early breakfast as we can. I'm planning to blog as often as I can while I'm away. To record our trip as well as let you see some other parts of Japan. It's a gorgeous country!

This is our planned route, nearly 2,000km in 15 days. I'm not sure how much of that is expressway, but if we're not on expressways we'll have to travel at about 50 km/h, so the distances seem longer than in Australia. We have six campsites booked and our final weekend we're visiting friends.
We've been thinking about this trip since we did Hokkaido three years ago, it's exciting that the time to leave is finally here.

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MOM2_4 said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!