10 July, 2016

Camping tour 2016: Day nine (Sunday 10 July)

Today has been an amazing day. We have stayed put next to the lake (except for a trip by David and I out for groceries and laundry). It's our only three-night stay of the trip and it's been a good choice of place to stay and timing too, we were weary after the week just gone.  

The weather has been glorious too. No rain and hot enough to swim in the clean lake. The beach is called マイアミ said "Miami"! Our campsite is called that too. The beach looks like it's been man-made with coarse whitish sand which extends into the water. Hence none of that muddy or rocky lake bottom you often find in places like this. Our boys swam this morning and had a superb time. 

Additionally there has been a consistent gentle breeze off the lake keeping us comfortable.

This was the view from my bed this morning. 

I've never seen such precise hedges dividing campsites. 

The showers and toilets are a bit odd, I've also never used such facilities in tubes before! Plus they are the most expensive showers we've found in Japanese campsites: ¥200 for five minutes. I would think for that price they could have kept them a bit nicer on the inside. The toilets are also a bit strange: black porcelain and constantly running water (not broken)!

We had a very relaxing day and it's a pity to move on tomorrow, but there's more to see. Tomorrow we drive south onto another peninsula positioning ourselves to see Japan's tallest waterfall on Tuesday. 

Here's one more photo, our campfire cooking banana and chocolate parcels. 

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