06 July, 2016

Camping tour 2016: Day five (Wednesday 6 July)

Today we moved again. Here David is securing our tent and other goods on the roof with a very handy net. 

 We packed up on the island then instead of driving straight to our new campsite at the bottom of the peninsula we drove across through the green hills to the west side and north for a bit. We were rewarded with some beautiful but quite rugged coastline. 

Then we headed towards the centre of the peninsula again and hopped on the expressway and headed south to Kanazawa, stopping for lunch then later for groceries. It was too hot for my tribe to wait in the car so they all came in and we shopped together! That was an adventure. I think we got what we needed. 

This is the smallest flush toilet pedestal I've ever seen!

This was our literal move but we took a much more roundabout route. 

Next was a Google adventure as we looked for our campsite 30min outside the half-a-million sized city. We took some interesting routes, not all were recommended by Google!

Our campsite ended up being in the hinterland of the city, close to other recreational areas for the city, most notable being a ski area. Nothing there now of course: it's as green as the rest of the country. 

There are only a couple of other campers on this forested hill and it's beautifully quiet. The boys were worried at a greater level of foliage than our previous two sites: supposed a greater number of bugs, but I'm not so sure it's true. We have no view here, but it does feel secluded and even cosy. 

We enjoyed fish cooked in foil with rice and veggies, then pancakes. I had melted chocolate and a chopped banana with my pancake and it tasted great. 

After that we washed up then walked down the hill to shower and then to the toilets together to clean teeth. All together. It's been a very "together" day. Spirits are mostly good but with this level of togetherness there are of course sparks sometimes flying. 

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