04 July, 2016

Camping tour 2016: Day two (Sunday 3 July)

Day two was a rest day. It started very rainy with periodic wind, just like much of the night. We spent most of the morning inside the tent or under the cover of nearby shelters (there were three very close: a cooking place, a washing up place and a place for sitting and enjoying the view, with tables good for playing games). 

It cleared up by lunchtime and some of us walked up and down around the campsite, it really was a campsite on the side of a mountain. 

The view down to the valley and the Japan Sea was a feast for the eyes, when we could see it. Later in the afternoon cloud rolled in and we went to bed surrounded by it hoping the morning would bring less rain so packing up wouldn't be too challenging. 

I bought this new stove at a second hand shop, unused. It's turned out to be a good purchase. And it folds flat too! Normally it would sit on the ground but we were sheltering from the rain in the camp kitchen. 

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