12 October, 2015

Why are Japanese people so bad at English?

It is a discussion we often have, in Japan and here. Japanese people seem convinced that English is too difficult for them. But there are other reasons beyond the fact that English is vastly different to Japanese.

Here are some reasons and language-learning ideas for those of us living in a land that doesn't speak our heart language: http://japaneseruleof7.com/why-are-japanese-so-bad-at-english-5-reasons/


Georgia said...

My opinion is that in addition to all the article said, students are encouraged to transliterate English words into Katakana and vice versa. Katakana doesn't have enough of the same sounds to make it work for someone who wants to be an English speaker.

Wendy said...

Good point Georgia. "Makurudonarudo" hardly rates as English!