26 October, 2015

Thrift Shop Bargains

Following my tradition of "showing off" my Thrift Shop purchases. Here are some I've managed to get photos of:

Long story short: ever since my Hen's Party Tweety has been a theme
for me. I've had Tweety cups and shirts etc. This is the first time I've
had a Tweety apron.

Five Tupperware containers: 100 yen for the lot.

Another knee rug, for my chilly legs in winter.

Various books, DVDs and some more wool to practise my crocheting with.

More books and a CD (we got 10 CDs at about 100 yen each).

Our youngest son is skilled at finding fantastic clothes
at Thrift Shop (especially shirts).

Ski jacket for our 16 y.o.

Jeans for our youngest.

Another jacket for me.

Windcheater for me in my favourite colour.

A new summer outfit. Got this for free!

Cake/pie Tupperware contained. Only 50 yen!

500 yen for a "new" Queen-size airbed.
(Ours broke last camping trip.)

And a few other photos (in slightly random order) from the week:

Getting ready to serve our first customers on Friday morning. (One of 
eight check-out stations.)
Sorting signs. This was one of my jobs for the week. Here, on the last afternoon
we were organising them and putting them away in folders.
Sorting clothes early on the first day.
Beginning of the second day of sorting/set-up.

This was the women's clothes section on Thursday morning. One job was to
 fold and place all those shirts on the tables. Plus many others that arrived
that day. We women have so many clothes! This table still had more than
one foot deep of clothes on it at the end of the sale, despite many hundreds of
people buying clothes. That shirt in my "free" outfit above was found on
this table at the end of the event.


MOM2_4 said...

Wow! You did a great job! I sure do miss getting over to CAJ for Thrift Shop. I miss the bargains.

Jamie Matsuoka said...

No photo of the daggy pajama shirt?! ;-)

Wendy said...

Some things are better off not shared ;-)