02 October, 2015

Community cleaning roster

This last fortnight we've had a rostered cleaning job for our block. This is an annual job and involves keeping an eye on our block's rubbish collection spot. However it usually is very clean. 

Different types of rubbish is put there in plastic bags for collection on four days a week. Tuesdays and Fridays are the messiest rubbish, with "burnable" rubbish up for collection. This includes food scraps. 

Clean plastics, bottles, cans, recyclable paper etc are collected on other days, but don't cause much mess. 

Tomorrow we get to hand the bucket, brooms, and disinfectant on to our neighbour for their two-week turn. I'm relieved. As is often the case in Japan, I'm never truly sure I'm doing all the expected things the right way. And rarely does anyone spell it out thoroughly.

This is the list of all the house owners for the block.
The roster of who does which
months and it's attached to the end of the broom that
is passed from house to house.
Today when I went to do any necessary cleaning, the lady whose property adjoins the bins was sweeping her road gutters. Her house is only about a meter from the bins, I can see why we're on a roster, otherwise it would be a very undesirable place to live. She thanked me for cleaning, though I didn't actually clean at that time because the truck hadn't yet collected the rubbish. 

This isn't the exact rubbish station that we clean, but you can
see the fence separating the house from the rubbish station.

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