09 October, 2015

Rubbish disposal

I often seem to talk about rubbish here...the disposal of it! It is a big part of life in Japan, as some of you who played our Gomi Game in Australia would already know. 
Our boys are drinking tonnes of milk. Because I haul it all
home on my bike about three times a week it seems
more than they drank in Australia, but it probably isn't.
Probably about 2-3L a day.
Our youngest son is in charge of taking the general bags of rubbish to our local rubbish station on his way to school. I think he took four bags this morning: burnable (full of food scraps etc) and bags of non-burnable rubbish, all separated. I think there may have been a general bag, plus a bag of batteries, or glass. Actually I'm not really sure as David did that.
I had my own rubbish disposal duties today. I took the washed and cut-up milk/juice/cream cartons to a local grocery store to put in their special bins (there aren't any at our local rubbish station). As I was early there weren't many people around and I didn't feel too self conscious about snapping some photos.
This is the bank of specific rubbish bins at the shop. From the left:
cans, cartons, styrofoam trays, food packs (which I think is the same
as styrofoam trays), and PET bottles. No tossing just anything
into these!
Here are the instructions of what to do with your milk/juice/cream
cartons after you've used the contents.

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