07 October, 2015

Chicken leg with born

Despite the amount of English taught in Japan, we still regularly see interesting signs in English. This one amused me this morning. I think the "born" is supposed to be "bone".

In case you're interested, the price is 47 yen per 100g plus tax (which is 5%). So that equates to about AU$5.72 a kilo which is a good price. We eat chicken regularly! Other meat (steak, I think) I saw today was up to about AU$35/40 a kilo.


Georgia said...

Yeah, when a Japanese person says bone or born it sounds the same. 47 yen/100gr is a really good price for chicken leg. Of course the born detracts from it's value in the Japanese housewife's eye.

Wendy said...

Yes, and I should have bought it, but I was so distracted by the English that I didn't!